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How to increase Twitter followers (now X) and how I got 20k+ followers!

How to increase Twitter followers (now X) and how I got 20k+ followers!

Jul 28, 2023

Most of the guides on increasing and growing Twitter followers you find online are from marketing teams of various tools or big brands, who ultimately spend money on ads to grow their reach.

So it's best to disregard around 99% of these generic resources and advice.

I'm going to share tips to organically grow your Twitter followers and enhance your online presence.

Why Twitter?

Twitter remains a powerful platform for professionals and content creators alike, offering benefits such as credibility, authority, and organic reach.

Building a substantial follower count is crucial to gaining more visibility and engagement on the platform.

1. Complete Your Twitter Profile

A well-optimized Twitter profile plays a vital role in attracting potential followers. Ensure your profile includes a high-quality profile photo, relevant information, and location.

Injecting a bit of personality into your profile can also make you stand out and appeal to your target audience.

2. Unlock the Power of Twitter Blue

Having a Twitter Blue account can provide you with a higher reach. Use this feature to maximize your content's visibility and connect with a broader audience.

Note: you're account needs to be 30 days old to be able to purchase a Twitter Blue subscription.

3. Embrace Visual Content

Visuals are at the heart of Twitter's appeal. Studies show that 97% of users focus on visual content, making it a powerful tool for engagement.

Incorporate a variety of visual content in your tweets, such as images, videos, memes, GIFs, infographics, and graphic quotes.

Twitter's recommendation algorithm (now public) gives preference to tweets with media, granting them greater reach.

4. Tweet Consistently and Strategically

To maintain engagement and loyalty from your audience, establish a regular content cadence.

When starting tweets 1x per day.

After reaching 100 followers 2x.

And after 700-1000 3x.

Creating a content calendar allows you to plan tweets around important events, seasons, and ideas.

Consider scheduling your tweets in advance to maintain a consistent presence and ensure optimal posting times to reach your target audience.

5. Engage and Connect

Twitter thrives on meaningful connections.

Don't just tweet and leave it at that; actively interact with others in your industry.

Follow influencers, retweet thought leaders, and engage with peers.

Building genuine connections will foster engagement and growth on the platform.

6. Interact with Niche Relevant Accounts

Making a list of 50-100 niche-relevant accounts and dedicating 30 minutes to 1 hour daily to interact with them can significantly boost your growth.

Rather than spamming or leaving low-quality comments, provide valuable insights and treat your interactions as mini-tweets that showcase your expertise.

7. Ditch the Hashtags

Contrary to other platforms, hashtags on Twitter no longer hold the same significance. Avoid using them, as they won't contribute to your post's performance or reach.

8. Experiment with Different Content Types

Keep your content fresh and exciting by trying out various formats, including short and snappy tweets, long threads, single long posts (if available to Blue subscribers), and video content.

Twitter's new prioritization of videos provides an excellent opportunity for increased engagement.

9. Avoid Buying Followers

Resist the temptation to buy followers, as it can harm your credibility and signal low-quality content to Twitter's algorithm.

Focus on organic growth, even though it may take time to reach significant milestones.


Building a substantial Twitter following may take time and effort, but with these expert tips, you can achieve impressive results organically.

Complete your profile, engage with others genuinely, and share valuable content through various formats. Embrace the power of visual content and strategically schedule your tweets.

By dedicating time to interact with niche-relevant accounts, you'll steadily grow your Twitter following and unlock new opportunities for leads, clients, and personal growth as a content creator.

Remember, Twitter is a dynamic platform where experimentation and testing pave the way to success. Stay consistent, and your efforts will pay off in the long run.


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