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Top 10 Reasons People Buy Twitter Followers (And What You Should Consider)

Top 10 Reasons People Buy Twitter Followers (And What You Should Consider)

Aug 3, 2023

With over 300 million active monthly users, X (formerly Twitter) has become a powerful platform for building an audience and spreading your message. However, gaining a large and engaged following takes a lot of time and effort.

This has led some users to take shortcuts by buying X (Twitter) followers from shady third-party providers. While this may temporarily inflate your follower count, it does far more harm than good for your account.

Here are the top 10 reasons people buy fake followers, and why you should avoid these tactics at all costs.

1. To Appear More Popular and Influential

This is the #1 reason people buy followers. Having an inflated follower count makes you look more popular, even if the followers are fake. Some believe this will make them seem influential and authoritative on Twitter.

However, real influencers gain followers organically by consistently providing great content. Buying followers is just a fake shortcut that savvy users will see right through.

2. Trying to Go Viral

Some buy X / Twitter followers hoping to appear viral and trigger the bandwagon effect. The thinking is more followers will attract more followers organically.

In reality, bought bot followers are completely inactive. They don't actually make your tweets go more viral at all. You need real humans engaging with your content to gain organic visibility.

3. Monetizing Accounts

Accounts with large followings can earn money from sponsorships and advertising. Some users buy followers trying to make their accounts look more valuable to potential sponsors.

But most sponsors do due diligence on audience quality nowadays. They'll quickly see your followers are fake or inactive and lose interest. There are no short cuts here. You need an engaged audience that provides real value to brands.

4. Ego Boost

Let's be honest, having more Twitter followers just feels good for many people. It's validating and boosts your ego seeing the numbers go up.

But any ego boost is hollow if the new followers are bots or paid fakes. Focus on quality over quantity if you want real satisfaction from your account's growth.

5. New Account Growth

When starting a new X (Twitter) account from scratch, some buy followers to feign established popularity. They don't want to be seen tweeting into the void.

Be patient when starting out. Gradually build your following by providing value to real humans on X (Twitter). There are no shortcuts if you want legitimate growth and engagement.

6. Perceived Credibility

Some believe more followers will make them look more credible, especially if they are trying to build a personal brand.

The opposite is true though. Savvy users equate bought followers with fakery. It damages your reputation rather than enhancing it. Nothing builds real credibility like authentic engagement.

7. Selling Accounts

Illicit sellers boost follower counts on accounts to make them look valuable, then sell them for a profit.

This is strictly prohibited by X (Twitter) though, so you're asking for a permanent ban. Focus on building your own account the right way.

8. Hiding Inactivity

Inactive accounts with few tweets and no engagement risk suspension. Some buy followers to mask this inactivity and appear "normal."

Twitter's algorithms easily detect fake engagement though. Rather than buying followers, start tweeting great content regularly to organically bring people in.

9. Gaming the Algorithm

Some believe bought followers will help them game Twitter's algorithm and get their tweets trending or more visible.

This doesn't work though. Twitter knows fake followers don't actually engage with tweets. You need authentic interest from real humans to boost visibility.

10. Vanity Metrics

Let's face it, total followers just feels like an important Twitter metric. People want the biggest numbers possible to feel "successful."

But if the followers are fake, it's meaningless. Focus on quality engagement metrics instead. Are real people liking, retweeting, and clicking your content?

Why Buying Followers Will Ultimately Harm Your Account

While the reasons people buy followers are understandable, the benefits are simply an illusion. Here are some very real ways buying Twitter followers will harm your account:

  • Bought bot followers remain completely inactive. They don't engage with your tweets or provide any real value. You need real humans following you for actual growth.

  • Twitter detects bot accounts and does mass purges, deleting millions of fake accounts. Any bought followers get removed, wiping away your imaginary growth.

  • Getting caught buying followers leads to permanent suspension very quickly. It's strictly against Twitter rules for good reason. Don't risk your account.

  • Fake followers make your account look suspicious and kills credibility. Savvy users lose trust in accounts with bot followers.

  • Having more followers than impressions is a major red flag. When you have 10K fake followers but get 3 impressions per tweet, it's obvious you bought followers.

  • Twitter's algorithm ignores bought followers and limits reach for inappropriate engagement. Buying followers can shadowban your account.

  • Real, organic followers resent manipulation tactics like buying followers. They may unfollow accounts viewed as deceptive.

  • Ultimately, bought followers can't convert to sales or impact. You need real humans taking action for your tweets to provide ROI.

Grow Your Account the Right Way

Instead of buying followers, focus on these proven tactics to grow your Twitter following authentically:

  • Consistently provide great, valuable content tailored to your audience. This attracts real followers.

  • Engage thoughtfully with others. Comment on relevant tweets in your niche. People will check out your profile.

  • Optimize your profile and bio to share your value proposition. Make it easy for visitors to follow you.

Shortcut tactics like buying followers won't jumpstart real growth. But playing the long game to organically build your audience will pay off exponentially. Stick with it!


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