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The 10 Commandments for Social Media Growth in 2023

The 10 Commandments for Social Media Growth in 2023

Aug 1, 2023

Social media is an integral part of marketing and brand building in today's digital age. But growing an account and gaining real, engaged followers takes knowledge, consistency and creativity.

Whether you're starting from zero or looking to take your account to the next level, following these 10 best practices will set you firmly on the path to social media success in 2023.

1. Thou Shalt Post Daily

The first commandment is to post consistently and frequently. The more often you post quality content, the more you stay top of mind with your audience.

Aim to post at least once per day, more if your followers are highly engaged. Consistency fosters growth as your audience will begin expecting valuable content from you daily.

Posting daily may sound daunting but it becomes second nature once you build the habit. And your efforts will pay dividends in the form of an expanded, loyal following.

2. Thou Shalt Use Visual Content

This commandment is simple - use high quality, relevant photos and videos as much as possible. Visual content gets more engagement on social media hands down.

Invest in a good camera and take the time to create eye-catching images that align with your brand style and identity. Images should enhance your message and grab attention.

Short videos are also very popular on social platforms now. Consider creating interesting behind-the-scenes, educational or entertaining videos to share. The more visual your profile, the better.

3. Thou Shalt Engage Thy Audience

The third commandment is to actually be social on social media. Don't just post content and then ignore your audience.

Engage with your followers consistently by responding to comments, liking user generated content, and participating in conversations related to your niche. Being active builds community.

Reply to questions and queries from followers - this provides good customer service. Give compliments and feedback by liking great posts using your brand account.

Being social and approachable makes people more inclined to follow your brand and amplify your content. Don't just preach, have a conversation.

4. Thou Shalt Use Hashtags and Tag Strategically

The fourth commandment is vital to expanding your social media reach - use relevant hashtags and tag influencers or brands appropriately.

Research hashtags that are popular in your industry and include a mix of generic and niche tags in your posts. This makes your content discoverable by those interested in your niche.

Tagging influential accounts or complementary brands when relevant exposes your posts and account to new audiences primed to follow you if they like what they see.

5. Thou Shalt Run Contests and Giveaways

Our fifth commandment encourages you to use contests, sweepstakes and giveaways to spark rapid growth. Offer prizes and rewards that genuinely appeal to your target audience.

For example, a tech company could give away the latest gadget while a food brand may offer gift cards or discounts. Come up with fun, shareable ways for people to enter.

Promote the giveaways heavily across your social platforms. The incentive to win prizes will drive new followers, shares and engagement.

6. Thou Shalt Cross-Promote Content

For the sixth commandment, remember to actively promote your social media account and content across all platforms.

Share links to your newest Instagram posts on Twitter. Highlight a successful Facebook ad on LinkedIn. Cross-promotion exposes your content to new audiences and drives traffic between platforms.

Make it easy for followers on one channel to discover and follow you on others. Growth multiplies when you consistently link between profiles.

7. Thou Shalt Collaborate with Microinfluencers

The 7th commandment instructs you to partner with relevant microinfluencers to create content and execute campaigns.

Microinfluencers are accounts with 5K to 100K engaged followers in a specific niche. Find ones that align closely with your brand. Then reach out to set up creative ways to collaborate.

The microinfluencer promotes your account and content to their audience, while you compensate them and expose them to your followers. It's a mutually beneficial way to gain more reach.

8. Thou Shalt Analyze Performance

For the 8th commandment, make sure you're analyzing the performance of your social media efforts using available analytics tools.

All platforms offer free analytics to assess what types of posts, engagement tactics and content are performing best. Use these insights to refine your strategy.

See when your followers are most active, which hashtags drive the most traffic, which posts get the most shares. Then optimize your approach for maximum growth.

9. Thou Shalt Perfect Your Profile

The second last commandment reminds you that first impressions matter - so perfect your social media profiles.

Complete your bio with a brief, compelling description of your brand and link to your website. Upload a profile picture that is instantly recognizable and looks professional.

Cover and header photos allow you to showcase products, culture and brand imagery creatively. Link your other social profiles so people can follow across channels.

10. Thou Shalt Add Value with Authenticity

The final and most important commandment is to stay authentic in all you do on social media. Add value and build relationships over simply chasing follower numbers.

Focus on your niche community by providing useful, entertaining and engaging content consistently. Listen to what your audience wants and respond to feedback.

Building a genuine connection and nurturing engagement is key. Remember that real fans matter more than robot followers. Anchor your efforts in your unique brand identity.

By sticking to these 10 social media commandments, your account is sure to grow and thrive in 2023.


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